Literature books and Our Life

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Literature books are also related to directly our life. A author take all the concept of life to write a novel. But in the both book there are major differences. I can say History book is on the basis of reality and said directly all the thing by the history writes. About this I have already written in my previous post “aspects of history books”.

Here I want to disclose some reality of the literature books which effect our life. A writer take look to write literature book from our life but there is differences between writer and a common man. There is also differences between a literature writer and history writer. The differences are related to concept.

A history man see all the thing according to data and evidence. But a writer see all the aspect of human being life's and write the book as an art. Writing is an art whether it is history or literature but literature writing is an art of art.

A writer see all the activities of our life and write that like an imaginary story. But all the story looks like a real story of our life. So, I can say literature are related to our life as well.


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