Aspect of History Books

Monday, September 29, 2008

History books deals all the aspect of human beings life. Why needs we history? Some people says we don't need to read history book. But I am asking, is it right? I think no. It is not right. To know our history we need to read history books.

In the universe only human beings have its conscious history. Yes, Animal has also history but that are only history of origin. What is the difference between human history and animal history? That is history of society. Animal has no society and history of their activities but human being have all these things.

I am writing here about needs of history books. I have already wrote in my previous post about History books for historical knowledge and why we believe on history books. It is not unconscious activities to make a society and arrange all the stuff on the theory of knowledge. It can be done by only human beings. This is the activities shows by the human history. That is why I am taking about essence of history.

Aspect of history books cover aspect of human being life. All the aspect has been defined by historian in the the history books and we get knowledge about development of our society from history books.

Fathers and Sons Novel

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fathers and Sons one of the famous novel by Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev. Turgenev was a Russian writer. He wrote the novel in 1860 but was published in 1862. The book was on real story who had known by writer. His name was Dr. D. The Novel was finished by Turvenev in 1861.

The main hero of the Novel is Bazarov. Al the story is in Russian back ground. It is a novel of higher class society. In the Novel Turgenev has explained very minutely contradiction between Fathers and Sons.

In the whole novel you will find only contradiction between fathers and sons. It shows the generation gap. It shows the society gap and it shows the education gap also. We can say it is very interesting novel.

All the aspect of a young man and old father is the essence of the novel. About the Turgenev we can say he had the quality of writing a quality novel.

Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R. Is an Economic Book

Monday, September 1, 2008

Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R. stalin Book
“Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R.” we can say it is the human being economic books not that economic books which run nowadays in our class that define only about the market profit or loss.

It is different from all the book because in the book Stalin has dealt the real problem of human being specially Russian people. It was the time when socialism was built and it was running very well. It was in its highest stage and people were thinking to take a step ahead. They were thinking about communism which is the highest stage of socialism.

The book was written by Stalin in his last age of life. It was 1952 when Stalin was solving the economic problem of USSR. I can say it shows the consciousness of Russian people.

Stalin deal in the book that social economic if still creates profit and lastly have not finished to earn profit can't enter in communism. Another thing one state of the world can't enter alone in the communism economic system.

I think the book is live and all the problem is real of the socialism people. It is very interesting as well as economical.

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