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“All books reviews” came in my mind when I introduce my self in politics a little bit. In the political life I read all types of books to introduce and direct people in right direction. Philosophy, Politics and History was my main subject. I spent my much time in studying of philosophy. Latter, I started to spend my time more and more on history and historical development.

In the introductory post of the blog I have already cleared that the blog is for history and historical books development. Because I think all the development has its own history and I wanted to review basically history. But latter I thought it will be limited so I decided to review all types of books which is related to recent development also.

Now, I have started to review all types of books which are non-historical also. But there is also a goal with the review that are very simple to make people known about the all the recent updates in the human being society. So, all the readers come to join with the blog very sincerely to give you precious suggestions and reviews about all books review.


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