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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Philosophy Books

Before science Philosophy was the base of things logic. To justify people was used philosophy but all thing has its own restrictions that is why every philosophical thought had limitations. In the earlier stage Arastu was 1st dialectical philosopher. Philosophy in the modern age divided many parts and its follower was also modified it. But by the influence of science in the modern age Engles announced “End of Philosophy”

Philosophical branch deals logical concept of things. There are many well known philosopher who produced many thought which was famous in their age. One of the most famous philosopher was Hegel from Germany which was recognized by Marx. Along with Fierbach, Kant, Hume, Plekhanov etc. was also the most famous philosopher.

But Engles and Marx introduced a new philosophy which was different from his age that was “dialectical and historical materialism”. Before it there was Materialistic theory, Dialectical Theory, Mistries Theory, Machist Theory but all are unable to deal real meaning of philosophy.

Lastly Engles announced End of the Philosophy because in the age of science there is no need of philosophy. Philosophy is the concept of logic which analysis of the thing while science proved the things. It is the main different of politics and science.

History books for Historical knowledge

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are human because we have a history. History knowledge for every human being is most necessary because the historical development shows the process of development. If we don't know our history we can not know our future. It is really because the process of development, we can know by the knowing that contradictions and situations in which a human being or society developed.

History shows all societies development. It is the books of civilizations. Now, the qestions is from which source we can know history. The answer is history books are the sources of historical knowledge.

When I say about historical knowledge it contains all that development which needs a civilizations. By history we know our societies past economy, culture, art, civilizations, human life style, geography, literature etc. I think every human being needs know at least their country history.

History is not only the data for collections life and death of kings or wars. It is the science of human life development. I will latter describe how we should study history.

About History, literature and philosophical books

Monday, July 7, 2008

History is not only for war and peace it is all about development of society. Development of one step ahead in society. It shows motions of society. We can say history of science about social development. It is my view point about history.

Literature is not pocket book. It is the art, culture and civilizations contradictions about society. It is concrete on society. It explains about society within real context among real hero. Your writing art can show your literature.

In this process philosophy is near about logic but one step before science. Philosophy reach on conclusion by logic but science proved that logic. Philosophy is now end. It is announced very earlier. I am only giving proof.

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