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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Godan by Premchand
Godan was written by Munsi Premchand. It is a Hindi novel. Munsi Premchand was 1st Hindi famous novel writer. He has written many novels like Godan. Godan is most famous novel from premchand.

About the Premchand people or senior literature person says that he was the writer of Indian society. I think he was the writer of society development and contradictions. In his time he wrote Godan on the basis of growing society of India. In his novel conclusion is not sure because writer vision was not clearer about the growing society.

From the Godan premchand shows the society changes from villages to city. He had also shown by that existence of god. He was also aware that Jamindari system was on the basis of god concept and their hierarchy of king was produced by god.

In Godan he has tried to show Indian people mentality. Indian people and their faith of religion. I like this novel much because that time when India society has no any vision, Premchand writes that with his experience. Premchand is like Shakespeare and he is Shakespeare of India.

Literature books reviews

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maxim Gorkey, Mother
Literature are my favourite books. I like personally literature books most because I have already mentioned that it tell about life. The books from literature are famous which is on real life and reality of life.

Writes from literature are known in all over world they are – Premchand, Shakespear, Kant, Hume, Turganev, Maxim Gorki, Leo Tolstoy, Dharam Veer Bharti, Mopasan etc. I like their writing because they are the real life writer.

The entire writer has unique and world classic literature books. Personally, I like Leo Tolstoy books which is “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina” etc. Another writer is Premchand for “Godan”, “Gaban” etc. Maxim Gorki’s famous literature book is “Mother”. Mother is also world famous book and it is all about on Russian revolutions.

Now, I have decided to say something on literature books, they are all about for our life, by our life and from our life.

Why we belive on History Books?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

1st of all what is history? History is our post. History books reveal our past. By the history books we know our origin, development, society, culture, art, money etc. History and history books are believable because it is on concrete not like a story or assume.

What is the way of believing on history books? There are many way on which we can believe that history books are on real evidence. Many people believes on Ramayana and Mahabharata and they argue that that books are on real evidence but this is not true. Ramayana and Mahabharata are like a novel. It is amusement of a writer.

We can believe history books because there some evidence and reference on the basis of that books are written that are:

Coin – It indicates prosperity of that age.

Quila – It indicates life structure.

Temple – It indicates art of that age.

Historical Books – Historical books are also indicate all the aspect of that age.

All the things and analysis of all these things tell us history is real it is not like a novel.

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