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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maxim Gorkey, Mother
Literature are my favourite books. I like personally literature books most because I have already mentioned that it tell about life. The books from literature are famous which is on real life and reality of life.

Writes from literature are known in all over world they are – Premchand, Shakespear, Kant, Hume, Turganev, Maxim Gorki, Leo Tolstoy, Dharam Veer Bharti, Mopasan etc. I like their writing because they are the real life writer.

The entire writer has unique and world classic literature books. Personally, I like Leo Tolstoy books which is “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina” etc. Another writer is Premchand for “Godan”, “Gaban” etc. Maxim Gorki’s famous literature book is “Mother”. Mother is also world famous book and it is all about on Russian revolutions.

Now, I have decided to say something on literature books, they are all about for our life, by our life and from our life.


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