“Line of Control” Book Review

Monday, November 3, 2008

The book “Line of Control” has been written by Mainak Dhar and published by Vitasta Publisher. You can buy it in 295 INR. The book has got rating 3. The writer is professional and has written about 6 novel already. You can say Line of Control is the seventh novel of Mainak Dhar.

Line of Control is on the future of human being. It describe all thing about 2011. It deals the two country wars. It is like a Hindi movie. The writer has thought if the India and Pakistan comes for war and a nuclear showdown appears there then what will be after that.

In the review of Line of Control HT writes, “By placing readers in the thick of action, similar to the circumstances that we find ourselves in today, Dhar has actually managed to find a connect that cannot be missed easily. The fact that chara- cters, incidents and the reasons behind them, in the story are so contemporary makes it a good read for those wanting to know the truth about LoC.”

Hindustan times writes the review on the book as A fictional reality which is title of the review. It is not like artistic. The novel has been written by like a history professor and that history professor describe that things which is not currently with us.

I don't think book reviews essence is valuable in the scene of recent situations. The writers thought is over the nationalities.


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