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Monday, October 6, 2008

The book was written by Marx in 1844. It was initial stage of Marx analysis when he wrote the critique book on Hegel's Philosophy of Right. That time Hegel was most popular philosopher and almost all the philosophy was in the way of the Hegel's theory. But that the right time Marx wrote the critique about the book.

In the introduction of the book Marx wrote,
“...In the present struggle it saw only the critical struggle of philosophy against the German world; it did not give a thought to the fact that philosophy up to the present itself belongs to this world and is its completion, although an ideal one. Critical towards its counterpart, it was uncritical towards itself when, proceeding from the premises of philosophy, it either stopped at the results given by philosophy or passed off demands and results from somewhere else as immediate demands and results of philosophy – although these, provided they are justified, can be obtained only by the negation of philosophy up to the present, of philosophy as such. We reserve ourselves the right to a more detailed description of this section: It thought it could make philosophy a reality without abolishing [aufzuheben] it...”

That time in the Germany Hegel had his own influence on the philosophy that is why no one had idea to write the critique about the Hegel Book but Marx did that. This was one of the major achievement by Marx in the philosophy.

You can read whole book from here: Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right


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